God is willing to heal if you have faith in Him

Jesus admitted that His Father

which is our Father does the work

and not him and that without His Father

that he could do nothing.

If you really do examine Jesus life

he was not just the Messiah,

yet what he also

is a true example of what a servant can be

and what a servant can do if they serve God

by not just serving Him,

yet by imitating Him to the fullest extent.

Jesus only did and only said

what he saw God do and what he heard God say.

So if you wonder what God can do

just look at Jesus and you’ll realize that

those miracles are only a small portion of what God can do.

I am confident that God can do even more than that

and I am faithful that God can surpass anything that He did before.

God is just that awesome

and we just need to seek Him and imitate Him to the highest extent.


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