Contemplating Everything

I know these days after dwelling on the passages of the Bible

and after acknowledging that they do apply to me too

that there is hope for us all even me.

I was discouraged,yet I see hope for us all.

I was discouraged,yet I see improvement for us all.

I realize that complaining helps nothing for it requires

no focus on God and without focus on God

even our careers seem hopeless especially our health.

I was studying the writings of Paul in Corinthians

and his works are a compilation of wisdom.

God desires for us to prosper as our soul prospers

so forth our prosperity is God’s will for us.

It is actually Biblical to admit that our prosperity is God’s will

because it is so written therein

and if we would acknowledge that God desires us to prosper

both in our souls and in our lives

we could look to God when we’re down

without a need to gripe or a need to whine.

I realize more as of this time.

Earlier my focus was too on the world and not on the God.

The God that made me so He can help me.

I am done with focusing on the world

because the created cannot alter a thing,

yet the Creator can alter any thing,especially our issues.


One thought on “Contemplating Everything

  1. I realized when I posted this post
    that a mistake is not a failure
    if you do learn something from it
    and not repeat the mistake again.
    I apologize to my viewers for complaining
    and I know that I was acting foolish,
    yet I am gonna do different from now.
    I also learned that mistake is just a way to improve yourself
    even more than if you never did make a mistake.


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