Society’s Perversion Of Word Meanings

Words in today’s day and today’s time that are used

have been perverted to stand for debauchery and the profane.

Here is a list of words with meanings that do not mean

what today’s society’s claims and promotes them to me:



Faggot:Fagot:contemptible woman

Queer:Oblique:not direct & Perverse:Pervert:per-:thoroughly+-vertere:to turn

Bitch:a female dog

Slut:Slug:Sludge:*(S)leu-:to hang limply mud,ooze and sleet

Porn:Pornography:Porne-:Prostitute:Pro:before+-Statutere:to cause to stand

+ -Grapheim:to write

Prostitute:to cause to stand before

Gigolo:Prostitute:to cause to stand before

Addiction:Addict:ad-:to+-dicere:to say

Infatuate:in-:into+-fatuus:foolish:fool:follis:bellows and bag




As you can see,those four words mean nothing about

homosexuality or fan people.

This is what you get when you distort words to the point that

their meaning no longer resembles it’s root words whatsoever.


Society is so into Pejorativing words that it is despicable.

Let’s quit using pejoratives for people for goodness sake everyone.




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