The Bible tells us to speak to our problems not about our problems

We are so conditioned to

speak about what is wrong rather than speak to what is wrong

because to our flesh and to our world

it is not usual action and usual reaction,

yet this is how Jesus would act and react.


If we look at Genesis 1:3

we never see God complaining about the darkness

beating his fist on creation,

yet what we do see is him speak about what he desires to be

not what he sees that is in the now for the now is changeable.


In Genesis 1:3 we do read that God never complained once,

yet he said to creation:

“Let there be light” and there was light.

If you have a real good understanding of the Bible

you will know that

because we are made in His image and after His likeness

we can speak to the creation to and we supposed.

God told his human creation Adam

to have dominion and subdue the earth,

yet what does he,he lets satan,a created thing subdue him to death.

Dominion means soverign control

and subdue means overcome and bring under control.

Adam could have told satan to leave immediately.

God gave him dominion over everything on the earth

and authority to subdue what was on the earth.

Adam could have said to satan when he said those things

“No satan,you get your self off of this land and you live in the water.”

Adam had that kind of power because God gave it to him,

yet he lost his stance on creation,yet through Jesus we have regained it fully.


If you read Mark 11:23 you will see that

we have regained dominion over the earth

and we have regained the ability to subdue the earth.

Here is Mark 11:23 if you question me on this one for a second:

For verily I say unto you,

That whosoever shall say unto this mountain,

Be thou removed,and be thou cast into the sea;

and shall not doubt his heart,but believe

that those things which he saith shall come to pass;

he shall have whatever he saith.


That is what Jesus said.

Jesus only said what he heard the Father in Heaven say.

The Father in Heaven is His Father and Our Father both.

Jesus came to show us again that God’s plan for us is not done yet.

We have the authority to speak to creation and it change.

We are Kingdom Children so we have the authority to do it here and now.

We have the authority to bring diseases and disorders to nothing if we believe enough.

This is what Jesus told us in the Gospels.

Faith is just that powerful and God had faith in what He said occurring,

It is even written that God said that in Isaiah 55:11

“My word that goes out of my mouth;

it shall not return to me void,

but it shall accomplish that which I please,

and it shall prosper in the thing where to I send it.


As you can see God has faith in His words

to do what He says to do

and when He speaks to creation

it conforms to what He says

and He speaks words of authority not conformity

and neither should we

and according to Mark 11:23

we have that same authority too and we should use it.


God spoke to nothing and made it something

and we can do the same thing too.

We have so much potential on this earth with water

that we let what we see discourage or intimidate us.

Letting ourselves getting discouraged and intimidated

is not God’s will for us for a second,

yet it is what satan the accuser and the distorter wants for us.

Be not deceived.

Adam was and he had so much power

that he never needed knowledge to change things

he could have spoken to the ground and made fruit appear.

He was the god of this world at the time,

yet satan deceived him into taking of the tree of death.

Eternal life exists only with God,not apart from God.

We have power as Christians to speak to Creation,

yet satan through this world would prefer us to be succumb to the fallen place.

The fallen place is the world which is the field

and yet even though it is fallen,we can regain it back from it’s fallen state.

Yes,we can do it because “All things are possible to those who believe”

and when a person believe satan needs to flee because he can’t overcome thee,

yet you will overcome he.


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