Faith does work and so does The Words by Faith and of Faith work

Those of you who have the audacity and the courage to run your mouth.

Those of you who deny that faith can move and uproot things.

You are hypocrites because y’all claim to Christian,yet deny Jesus message.

We are gods,children of the Most High.

We have God potential you gullible people.

Be not deceived by flashy and shady people who wants your attention and time.

If they ruin your faith in your abilities,your words and your God

then they are worthless and they are leading you to ruin too.

The Bible tells us You shall decree a thing and it shall be established.

Those of you who deny these things

are not Christians,yet liars trying to lead many good people astray.

How dare you use your time to lead many to doubtfulness?

Well it stops today because faith makes change and moves things.

If you doubt this them you doubt Jesus.

No,you doubt if you doubt his message and his message is not his own,

yet his message is his Father’s message and our Father’s message

and to deny that faith works is to deny Jesus and God both.

You best repent,you hypocrite,lying,snake deceiving wolves



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