Resentment is totally normal as is

I know what resentment is because I do resent my friend

not because she has more which she does not,

not because she has better friends which she does not,

not because she has a nicer location which she does not

and certainly not because where she goes is better than where I go which she does not,

yet I do resent her

because she trusted her friends from her are over me

and also because she would not date me once,yet would date various other men

and also because when I could mail her stuff she would send it back making me

both mad and sad.

She actually worries me anymore and seems to be doing well,

yet I refuse to date anybody these days for various reasons.


Here are some reasons,yet none of this will happen because I am not dating no one:

A.I might marry someone and divorce them a day later because they are not her

B.What is the glory and the point of being with someone you refuse to love?,NONE

C.What is the glory and the point of dancing with other women if they remind you of her?NONE

D.What good and what point is it to be with women that she brings up to other men


Yes,I am damn depressed and if you hate that,then forget you you no good pain


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