I Can’t Understand It

Still you want my attention and my time

It seems like y’all want me

To go crazy with my mind

Yet that won’t be so

This is how I’m gonna go;


You cannot tell me

How to live my life

Because I won’t listen anytime that you try

To tell me what to do

Do you know who you are responding to;


After all your mind games

I am done with them all

Oh yes I’m done with them all

Oh yes

I shoved them against the wall;


I will not bow down to any of you

That is the truth

And you are not gonna change my mind

And you are not gonna change my way

I deserve more than I get each day;


Hey y’all

I can’t understand it

How and why you hand it to me

Do you get joy from seeing me down?

Are you happy now?;


Oh no

Don’t try to tell me

One liners or what has to be

Oh no

I can find out for myself do you see?;


So you might as well

Give up the act

Of seeming like you give a damn

Oh yes

There it is right there my friend;


No need to try to hide it

Or even deny it

It is plain to see you

Yet by looking at it here

You just want to get me down and how do you like it now?”


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