The Reason why the Round Earth is Unbiblical and Unrealistic

I know that astronomers argument point here would be gravity,

yet even with gravity why are we not upside down on our heads

if gravity is such a fact.

Even if your shoes were held to a suction thing

or pulled down by a vacuum cleaner,

there would be a great chance

that you could still fall if your shoes let go of your feet.

This whole gravitation thing

is based on the scientific theory,it is just a theory after all

that the earth has a gravitational pull on us

and that is why we do not fly off into space,

yet this theory of gravitation does not jive

when you test a balloon and you get too much balloons together

filled with enough air then they will float off,

so then the theory of gravitation is very flawed.

This will work with helium too if you put it in balloons,

they can even carry people as well.

So I am gonna rest this case as settled that the earth is flat,not round

and that gravitation is only so

because of our weight being heavier than the air around us.


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