Pleasing God does not require that your life become a living hell

God did not put us on this earth just to be focused on Him.

Nope,that is not true.

Even in the Bible God gave Adam and Eve stuff to enjoy

so it is not like God is up there constantly wanting our attention.

Those who propagate that God just wants our attention

are so called Christians who have not actually read the Bible fully.

In fact God desires us to be happy,full of joy,

have a spouse,have our dreams come true and more.

God desires to show us things that we know not.

God even will give us what we desire from our heart if we will delight in Him

so it is not like He wants us just focused on Him,

that is where the Christian world has gotten it all wrong.

Till they get it right they may miss God’s best for themselves before their eyes.

In all honesty today’s Christian world reminds me of

the Pharisees and the Sadducees in the day when Jesus walked the earth.

Jesus confronted them on how hypocritical they were themselves

and they made it so hard on people

and Jesus made it clear that even King David did stuff on the Sabbath

and it was fine.

People need to understand this

because till they do they miss a lot

and it is this:

God loves us and only wants the best for us.

God gave us dominion over this earth

that Jesus regained for us that Adam gave up to satan,

yet our dominion has returned.

So satan no longer has a right to boss us around

as if he ever did

and we can be victorious in life

and also enjoy life as well.


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