The Myth of The 8th Day and Constantine’s Sun Worshipping Ways

So many are deceived and deceived outright

that they do miss the point.

God never changed his Sabbath.

The Romans have deceived the world

into accepting a lie so subtle and so tricky

that many do not see that it is a lie

and they have by doing so doubted the Calendar.

The Calendar is right

because because a Week is Sunday to Saturday

not Monday to Sunday

because they would be imposing yourself on God

and trying to exalt the Sun which was created

instead of God who was not created and created it all.

One of the Ten Commandments is this

Thou shalt remember the Sabbath and to keep it holy.

Sabbath means rest.

The problem with believing in a 8th day is not just

believing in a lie,yet it is delusional too on top of that.

God never created a 8th day week,

even though he could have,yet he never did

or else it would be mentioning it in the Bible

and the Calendar would be mentioning it in the Bible

and still neither mention it,

yet people turn their eyes from the facts to the lies.

What many do miss and not understand is this:

Before the Romans were Christians they were sun worshippers

and that does include Constantine as well.

It even was worshipping by the Mithraists

and their religion was Mithraism.

This religion is a Roman one too

and the Vatican has a statue of Mithra there.

If you question me on any of this

then click these website links and watch the videos

on all of this

and see just how blind y’all are to the facts

and these videos can be found on YouTube

so I encourage all of you to research for yourselves:


Is Sunday Really The Christian Sabbath?? –

Saturday is Sabbath:


Constantine and the Sun Day Law:


Vatican Rome Tours:

An introduction to the Statue of Mithra

in the Room of the Animals:



Here is is a website link

that proves that Catholics are importers not Christians:

The Catholic System tries to defy God

by trying to change the Sabbath to Sunday

when such is a lie from the Roman Constantine himself:


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