Faith Moves Mountains………..LITERALLY

I hate being so stern,yet so called Christians are discouragers of Christians.

Who are they to say or to type faith in our hearts is not able to move anything.

Jesus told on so many instances just how powerful a mustard seed sized faith can be.

The Bible even tells us how powerful our owns words are.

The Bible tells us by Our Words are we justified and by Our Words are we condemned.

Mark 11:23 tells us We Can Have What We Say

if We Believe in Our Heart and Doubt Not.

You have to read The Bible for yourself to understand it.

The Chinese have faith in breaking the block and it breaks.

Jesus had faith too and he healed people.

God had faith in light existing before it ever existed.

Genesis 1:3 says:God said “Let there be light,and there was light.”

Genesis 1:27 says “So God made man after in his image and after his likeness.”

So it is not like we are so different from God that we can not do like he does.

Jesus came to reconnect us to the facts that we are gods

and what God did we can do also.

The weak in faith will possibly condemn my teaching or doubt my teaching,

yet I am teaching the facts and they are so.


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