Listening to God is a real blessing

I get so sick and so tired of seeing

how hopeless the world seems to be.

I hate how the senses direct the awareness of the U.S.A.

when it should be faith that directs the awareness of the U.S.A.

How many people actually waits for God

and listens to God from their heart.

The Bible tells us that

if your heart turns away and you hear not.

Who are you not hearing if your heart turns away?

God Himself so this is a critical message.

God can heal us with His words,

yet how many of you actually listen to God

with your heart by waiting for Him?

Here is a test for y’all to do:

Wait on God and listen to Him with your heart

and because God comes to me,

I know that He probably will come to y’all.

Stop letting satan ruin your time on earth

and stop speaking the words of satan

which produce death and destruction

and start speaking the words of God

which produce life and restoration.


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