Webcam Users Are People Abusers

It is true

and I am not gonna go waste my time

at Webcams anymore.

Women who demand that you give money

to even chat with them are despicable and pathetic.

Most of the time they are doing one of the following

ignoring you,masturbating,stripping,naked or fucking.

I am sorry that I have to be so blunt,yet it is true.

Webcams used to interest me,yet not anymore.

I am sick and tired of women who just want attention.

I am sick and tired of women who just want money too.

I could care less too who approves or likes this post.

Besides this post was made to expose the low life’s.

They deserve the ignorance and not getting funds to be

attention whores and slut whores.

I absolutely hate the way they are.

I absolutely hate to even think of it.

Oh well they are my past

and if I learn how to I will discard their memories.

I know that it is harsh,

yet so are they harsh and enough is enough.

As of today they are history and not of me.



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