This Is What I Need To Rant About Anyway(Parental Advisory)

I ain’t no preacher

I ain’t no teacher

I am just a common man

And if you hate that I don’t give a damn

Dunt dunt dunt dunt;


I never wanted to sacrifice

Being me for a different man

Because that would be sacrificing too much

Do you understand?

Dunt dunt dunt dunt;


I ain’t gonna change

Just to kiss your ass

Or turn things around

Just to accept your flack today or anyday or anyway

Dunt dunt dunt dunt;


I do not usually rap

Yet things lately have pissed me off

From fake friends to attention whores going off

I do not point fingers yet you’re no better than me and I will be free

Dunt dunt dunt dunt;


Please tell me

How fair is it to tell me I should not do my own thing?

When you do it yourself

Are you punk ass pain in the life jerk as well?

Dunt dunt dunt dunt;






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