The flaws of the religious

They believe that tithing is mandatory,

yet ministers pressure people to tithe to get rich.

People so not see that and I do see it

and that is why no ministry gets my money anymore.

I do not love money or serve money,

yet hey if I give too much away I’ll be broke and homeless

and I prefer to keep some money so that I can have it good and made.

I love doing my own thing because it is liberating and satisfying.

Another flaw of the religious is discriminating us for being us.

Goodness the religious are so much gossips,yet I am not a gossip.

I am a loner and a outlaw.

I try to find my own way in the midst of each day to get my way.

Another flaw of the religious is they are arrogant.

They see theirselves better than you like punks.

I am not religious,yet I am a free thinker who don’t give a blanker.

There really is not sin in just being you and doing your own thing.

Why should we stop being us to be something that makes us miserable.

When I did go to ministries pray and tithe,I did hate it

because I so wanted to travel the world and meet different people

and you know do my own thing

and also I never saw the ministry life as a free life.

Plus I never would wear a suit like they wore,especially in the summer.

Damn,you talking over sweating.

If I was gonna do it it would be me dressed in something

like I wear everyday blue jeans and a t shirt,duh,nice clothes.

Another flaw of the religious is monthly fees for members.

There is no wonder why ministers have no individuals

because it is hard to be in ministries.


I hate to rant,yet I hate to give up being me too so accept it like men.

There is no other way to accept it and be yourself.


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