Healing is a part of God’s Great Will Part One

God does not delight in nor want

any of us sick regardless of what the devil says.

Jesus came to set us free,yet the devil hates it.

The devil would have rather Jesus had not come,

yet Jesus came and Jesus did great.

Jesus healed many people and even reattached a man’s ear.

Jesus is able to heal anything without a doctor helping you.

Jesus at times did not heal anybody because they lacked faith in him.

Can you imagine

just how many people would actually be healed if they believed in him

not just declared that they believed in him?

What a world we would live in.

Jesus healed every disease back years ago

and Jesus can heal any disease and every disease during these years

and even in future years

and even years after those years too.

Jesus has not limit to what can be healed,

yet our faith must be in him in order to be healed.


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