Astrology Is False Garbage

It really is false garbage.

First off Astrology is man made

and degrades humans to the form of animals.

Second off Astrology teaches us to depend on

what stars tell us more than what God tells us

which is flawed logic.

When I think of Astrology,

I know that I am not a Aries,nor a Taurus

nor any of the signs.

After all they are just constellations a.k.a. star clusters.

Let me make it as clear as I can make it

“Relying on constellations is like

relying on Fairies and such is fantasy,both are really. ”

Plus there is no freedom for those

who depend on the ancient sham called astrology.

I am glad that I pulled the wool off of my eyes

so that I could see astrology for what it is

and that is deceptive fantasy

that tries to take the place of God in our lives.

Music never really does that

in that extreme like astrology does.

Astrologers try to take God’s place

and tell us our future and very often they are wrong.

Only God knows everything.

This case is closed.


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