The Pre Rapture is Unbiblical and Left Behind is deception

Years ago I would have not even considered the Left Behind series as false

till I did my research.

My research began with the Bible.

I read the Book of Revelation and to my dismay there is no Anti Christ in it ever.

There is more than one beast though.

Jesus does return though either before,during or after the two prophets come.

The only way to not be victimized by them is by being in the Book of Life.

The Book of Revelation does say that this about the believers overcoming satan

and it is remarkable “They overcame by the blood and by their testimony.”

Our testimony and His blood defeats the enemy in his tracks.

The morbid view that there is little hope for Christians during the tribulation

is both bunk and scare tactics by evil ministers.

Believers do survive the tribulation and in the Book of Revelation.

The New Jerusalem does not come down to the earth till after the tribulation.

Jesus came to save us,yet if we believe in him we will not die

and if we are written in the Book of Life then we will not have to worry about

the temptations during the tribulation another thing some things in the Book of Revelation are metaphorical.

There is fine line between literal and metaphorical.


Another place that I look for clues about it being false is on the internet.

Left Behind is deception.

They start off the whole story with people disappearing

right when the antichrist is appearing,yet this is deception.

The most deceptive thing about Left Behind is putting Jesus as returning at the start.

Where do they get the Unbiblical idea that Jesus returns

before the tribulation and the tribulation.

Jesus even said “Wars must happen then the end will come.”

Jesus return will be during or after the bad events.

In honesty to me the ones behind the rapture happening first

is those Christians that hate nature and the planet earth.

Nature and the planet earth are good.




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