I abandoned my influences years ago then returned back to them

Through the years I have went after new things for years,

yet back in 2010 I returned back to my roots back I was away from it for years.

My musical roots is Country,Rock,Soul,Christian and other genres.

Years ago my friend claimed to be abandoning her roots because of me which is silly.

For years I have forsaken my roots.

I honestly did not listen to the Radio much at till this year.

I really did not watch CMT,MTV or VH1 much since the 1990’s.

I did watch them in the 2000’s,yet after Garth Brooks retired

I did still watch them,yet lesser and lesser as years passed.

As a teen my dad lost my old country cassettes so I had forgotten some of my roots.

I know that sounds ridiculous,yet I did for some odd reason.

I remembered some of my roots,yet forgot some of my roots.

Ever since I rediscovered most of them I am returning back to my roots.

Back in the early 2000’s I had a dream of doing traditional Country Music,

yet because Viacom corrupted the music networks I feared to even try

because the music industry would probably reject me anyways.

In 2007 I recorded a Country Song that I wrote and let a Record Producer hear it

and he told me that it was good,but rough.

I was like come on,it is Folk Country and there is nothing wrong with it.

I will eventually start my own independent music label and do things on my terms.


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