Reinventing Myself Once Again

I have reached a crossroads in my life where things have changed

and what once was entertaining has now become boring.

I have reached a point where I have to sleep more,listen to music lower

and drink more water.


I started going to piano classes in 2009

and back then I was younger like those in it today are,yet younger than that.

I am going on 28 and I will not be in piano class much longer.

I want to end it with a effect and go out like the 4th of July in a unforgettable way.


Hopefully people will remember me after I’m gone.

I sure do hope that my impression will remain with people years down the road.


This is me reinventing myself again.

This is Monday.September 29,2014.

Today is busy as usual.

These type of days push me to relax and test my abilities really.


As I look back on the past 5 years of piano classes

things could have been different,yet there is no changing what happened.


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