What is Country Music

Ever since the 1990’s every Country fan wants to point the finger at Garth Brooks

and view him as the scapegoat who ruined the genre,

yet that is oversimplifying things.

Garth Brooks is not the reason that Country Music today is so damn crappy.

Nashville is why Country Music today is so damn crappy.

I used to consider Nashville as the helper of the genre.

However,the more that I researched Nashville

the more that I saw how much they sell out to fit in.

I noticed that after Viacom got the rights to CMT,they basically fucked it up.

Viacom means “With The Way,”yet whose way are they with?Money Hunger.



So if you ask me just what is true Country Music.

Let’s go to Garth Brooks as a example.

If you listen to songs of his from his early years then you will hear it.

Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan have let me down really

because when they first started their music did sound country.

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