Where Inspiration Flows,Action Should Go

I admit it that as I get older,

I try to do things more from inspiration than aspiration,

yet if I want to achieve something from aspiration a lot

then I’ll set aside hours just for that one thing and do other things later.


When it comes to songwriting

I take my time and I usually take weeks on just one song

and each song to me is a story or a series of ideas that build into a story

and once a story is developed then you create the music,

yet there are occasions when the music comes first and the lyrics come last.

To me it does not matter which comes first,just as long as it is not too much

or else it might become a burden in a hurry.


The longest time that I took to write a song was a good decade.

I did not spend a constant decade on just that one song,

yet I gave it time to develop,yet did other things

and I wrote others songs till I finally completed it,

yet one song I may rework because it seems to need it.


To me inspiration is when something hits you,not literally though,

yet to me inspiration is when you pick up an instrument

and make zero plans for anything

and just plays chords and at times,boom,you have a song

and at times that is the easiest way to write a song,yet not always.



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