I like Vintage Stuff

I like to collect vintage stuff.

I have done this for a while.

When I was a toddler,my parents would listen to 78 rpm Gramophone Records.

I honestly did not know anybody my age that had done it so I never asked them.

I was a child,very shy at the time.

I eventually grew out of being so shy and I open up to strangers these days.

That is how I learned to make new friends in college,which is great.

From a very young age I listened to the likes of

Elvis Presley,Chuck Berry,Conway Twitty,Hank Williams Sr.,

Hank Williams Jr.,George Jones,Merle Haggard,

Keith Whitley,Eddie Rabbitt,Woody Guthrie,Ricky Nelson,

Michael Martin Murphey,The Everly Brothers and more older artists.

Some of them are dead today,yet their music affected my life greatly.

I was as a child into music,racing and wrestling big time.

Those three were my life and yes my dad did read the Bible to use those days.

On Saturdays we’d listen to cassettes and records both.

I loved how Saturdays were,they were very good times.

It is something how things have changed through the years.



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