1997 was a year that I still miss even right now

It was the year that I played big checkers with my then elementary school friends.

Four Square and Freeze Tag were the thing too then.

I loved watching music,racing and wrestling then and even today.

Dale Earnhardt Sr. was still alive then and so was my cousin who died in the mines.

Chapel was a weekly thing for me and the class on Wednesday.

Times were precious and special back then,almost magical.

Childhood is so innocent and so precious,it just came and gone as fast as it came.

Children are rushed to grow up too fast.

Childhood is a great time.

I know that growing up is not avoidable,

yet my childhood left me before I was ready for it to leave me.

3 years earlier I was with my dad a lot playing golf,playing pool

and shooting bow and arrow.

When I went to the movie rental store

I wanted to watch wrestling ppv’s so much then,yet we could not afford it.

We had it tough for a while.

We could not afford a lot then,yet thankfully God helped us to be able to now.

Still those years,I do miss them.

They all seem like such a distant memory to me.

Especially the times that the woman

that I care so much for used to contact me back

those times were precious and special to me too despite my personal issues.

I really do miss them more everyday

and everyday that I wake up I hope to get back to that again,sadly it never happens.

I am crying because this is tough on mr.

Life just took her out of my life and I can not even reach her now.

This by itself is the hardest thing for me to accept,

I can see anybody,I can get a lot of things,

I can go places and I can talk with strangers,

yet talking to her does not happen

and being with her does not happen

even though I yearn daily,monthly,weekly and yearly for it.

I’d trade the time that I spend with those I do

just to spend them with her for just a day.

That would help me to ease my soul’s pain.



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