It’s not just about Jesus…

It is not all about Jesus.
It is about God and us too.

Jesus does matter,yet he is not all that matters.

Jesus did not come to this earth for his glory,yet for his Father’s glory.

Of Colours and Discovery

So I am youth pastor.  And well, this past Friday, I planned a “cultural evening” (if you want to call it that) for our Youth evening.

So for the approaching World Cup each person in our youth group had to “draw” a name of one of the participating World Cup countries.

With that country allotted to them they had to come along with a food item (savoury or sweet) and two interesting facts of “their” country.

I was thrilled with their response!

About 10 countries were represented from Algeria, Netherlands, Japan, Switzerland, Honduras and a few more.

I loved the array of food and facts that we experienced on Friday night.


Now, to be honest, my focus wasn’t necessarily on a message about Jesus.  (I don’t think He is that insecure that He needs to have his “Jesus label” put onto everything…)

But don’t stress (Christian folk); I did end off…

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