It’s Not All About Jesus(Here’s Why)

The cliche saying “It’s All About Jesus” just does not hold up to truth
when you actually read the Bible.
This saying is well known,yet false,
not that Jesus does not matter,
he does matter a lot,yet it is not all about him.

In fact,Jesus life on earth was based on what His Father in Heaven said and did
and he just said and did what he saw God say and do.
Jesus in fact was quite humble too
and he in fact was not after his own glory either,
yet being a Christian it is not crime to get rich because of Jesus,
yet honestly it is more about God than Jesus.
I know what you are thinking “Jesus is God,man,it’s all about him.”
Jesus is God with us,yet he is not His Father who is God Himself.
Jesus represents God to us on earth,yet he went to God
so Jesus and God are two different beings.

At last that saying has been debunked,like it needs to be.

If you really want to be like Jesus,
you would say and do what you notice God say and do.


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