A New Lease on Life

After a week or so of being dizzy and sluggish
I am letting go of carbonated soda and video consoles.
It is different,yet I really need a change
because the direction that I have been going in is bad.
I would workout and almost pass out
because I was severely dehydrated and I ignored the signs of the abuse
for about a week or so
then I was like if I do not quit it
I will no longer be around.
I am nowadays drinking water more and drinking soda less
which I did years ago,yet had to stop because Dasani water was hurting me.
I had kidney stones because of it and they got cleansed out of my body
so I had to rethink my strategy of drinking water.
I now drink tap water again.
So my advice to people that are dizzy and are scared because of it.
Check your blood pressure rate and your blood sugar rate to see how they range.
If you are not drinking water,yet just soda
then you should stop drinking soda and start drinking water again.
Most importantly if you are playing video games on video consoles,
quit it and stay alive because if you stay alive and your health will improve too.


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