Unsolved Mysteries

Here is a list of unsolved mysteries that still need to be solved ASAP:
A.Who really developed the Bible?
B.Who were the Levites priests that handled the Law of The Lord falsely
according to the Bible?
C.Who are the Nicolaitan’s?
D.Who really is Melchizedek?
E.What really is the Line of Melchizedek?
F.Are there really two Paul McCartney’s?
G.Was the real Paul McCartney killed and buried by the Beatles
and replaced by a imitating imposter
H.Is John Lennon still alive today?Watch The Beatles Anthology and tell me
I.Is the Sun really outside the earth or really inside the earth?
J.Is NASA run by deceivers?
K.Was JFK really assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald
or was the JFK assassination fake?
L.Did the real Bob Dylan die in his motorcycle accident
and replaced by a imitating imposter in 1966?
M.When did the Rothschild’s get into the U.S. to mess it up?
N.What is the connection if any between
King Jesus and the Last Supper
and King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table?
O.Why is there a verse in the Bible about supposedly or maybe I’m mistaken
the Disciples of Jesus taking Jesus body
from the tomb while the guards slept?
P.Who really wrote the Gnostic Gospels?
Q.Where did the authors of the Gnostic Gospels get their stories from?
R.How did the Norse get to develop the Week Names of various countries?
S.Who gave Constantine the right to change the Sabbath when it is here to stay?
T.Did the Pisos really have a effect on how the Bible was wrote?
U.How did the Creater of the Jesuit Order influence
the Creator of the Illuminati Order?
V.Why has every war since the Confederate War been about control and deceit?
W.Are there any true leaders in the government today?
X.Does the Sun and the Moon really at the location and in the shape we’re told?
Y.Is Elohim one Gods or many gods?
Z.Is Yahweh really God or a son of the Most High God El Elyon
or are they both one and the same being?


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