The Lord is not Satan as some Youtubers believe

For one thing this theory is easily disprovable for a few reasons
as I will show y’all below:

1.The Lord spoke to Satan in Job and they are not the same being
2.The Lord allowed Satan to ruin Job’s life,
yet they are not the same being.

If you want to read the proof for yourself
that this theory is founded on shaky ground then you need to read Job 1:6
and you will see that this theory is exposed as false.

Job 1:6
Now there was a day when the sons of God
came to present themselves before the LORD,
and Satan came also among them.

What the so-called know-it-all’s failed to see is this:
The Lord and Satan two different beings,not one and the same
and Satan came with the sons of God
because apparently he was a son of God
and not The Lord himself.This discussion is officially done.


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