The Lessons in My Life

Here I will put them down on this post:

1.Not everybody wants to be your friend,
yet some people do want to be your friend
2.Every second of your day that you do something that you hate
is a second wasted on something that you hate
3.Dwelling on what you enjoyed is more rewarding than
dwelling on what you abhorred
4.What you focus on the most
affects your attention span the most
5.Following crowds is not rewarding
unless there is common ground and common interests
6.Trying to please everyone is the same thing as hating yourself
because if you try to please everyone,you will peeve yourself literally
7.A belief that you hold is just a belief
and if it does not benefit you,then release it and find a nobler belief
8.Each second exists for experiencing and learning,so go do something
9.If you did something before and liked it,then do it again
and if you did something before and hated it,then avoid it continually
10.Superstitions serve to instill fear in you
and till you release them your mind will be in constant morbid bondage

I decided to share my life lessons with y’all
because y’all deserve the best just like I deserve the best.


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