The Will of God for us:

A.To have faith in the Son and the Father
B.To have health and wealth.
C.To be made well and whole by having faith in the Son
D.To seek God with all of our heart and by doing so we find Him
E.To be not of this world(field)
F.To be as holy,perfect and righteous as the Father
G.To help those who are in worser shape than we are in
H.To ask and be given stuff
I.To give and to receive
J.To live and believe in Jesus which leads to never dying at all
K.Trust in The Lord more than anything on this earth

I have thoroughly researched all of this in the Bible
and it is all in the Bible which is fully the Will of God.
The Bible teaches thoroughly itself the Will of God
and that is what I mean by the other sentence.

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