The Man with The Dream

I am a musician,singer and songwriter.
I strive to improve and to perfect my abilities.
Life is not so easy for me.
I can craft a song and perform,yet being a unknown is tough.
I have no band to back me up.
I have no label to record for,yet if I did would my songs remain my songs?
I have no friends that would want to back me up
if I did start a band.
I would need a lead guitarist,a bassist,a drummer,a pianist
and maybe a background vocalist to help my sound.
This dream of mine seems impossible for me to achieve
because nobody that I know honestly wants to help me start a backup band.
Maybe I could start a band and be the lead singer.
Garth Brooks started a band back in the 1980’s called Santa Fe before stardom.
Maybe I can have that kinda luck.
I sure do hope so or else I do not know what I am gonna do with my life.
Besides that music is a big part of my life.
If I ever make it to the top,those who helped me I will mention greatly of.


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