Astrology,Horoscopes and Zodiac Signs Exposed as False

The world is deceived.
That is very apparent.
All three of them are based on human traditions and star clusters,
nothing less and nothing more.
There are 13 Star Clusters or Star Constellations
that are used in Astrology.
In fact,there are numerous Star Clusters or Star Constellations
besides the 13 Astrological Signs that are in Astrology.
All of them are based on Mythology.
You need to research in order to find that all out.

I was raised on various things,both mythology and religion both
so I learned them both from a early age.
Unicorns was a paramount thing for me to learn about.
They are real,even the Bible mentions them
and they are even videotaped by various people,so yes they do exist.
They Unicorns mentioned in the Bible are
one-horned horses with wings not rhinos.
Those people need to have more of an imagination than they do.

Children have a very imaginative mind
and whatever they want to do they seek to do and are determined to do.
We are raised from a young age to not be a dreamer
because a dreamer ends up nowhere in life,yet such is false.

The Zodiac means “the circle of animals.”
Nothing less and nothing more.
The problem with calling astrological stuff “the zodiac”
is that not all of those astrological signs are animals.
Horoscopes means “star observers”
and they are based on only assumptions and superstitions really
and if you read any predictions made by normal people for them
those same people will assume that everything predicted will happen
and at one point in my life I actually was like those people.
I outgrew that phase of my life
and learned that relying on the stars for my fate is stupid logic.

Stars do not know tomorrow
nor can they save a lost soul.
All that the stars do
is glow and shine,that is it.
Assuming that they do anything else is assumptiveness
and assumptiveness is not factualness.
Stars are not shaped like asterisks either,
that too is a pop culture come on
and it seems to set up for
children,teens and all else that are gullible.

People need to wake up
and let these falsehoods go.
People for a while believed in the gods of the various mythologies,
yet not many do believe in them these days.
The times have changed and superstitions only dictate people.
Free will is not found in relying on stars for the future wisdom,
yet deception comes from relying on them for
any purpose other than being viewed by us.

Fate is not controlled by the heavens,
yet by God himself and us also.
God lets us decide what we do,
that is why what we have us called free will
because God lets us be us.
Free will does not let us do wrong without repercussions,
yet it does let us be us.


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