Astrology brings division

Astrology actually is based on division.
You have four sets of signs,
yet still three sets of those signs are set in three sets.


Here is why it divides:

Astrology has three sets of characteristic signs:

The Cardinal
The Fixed
and The Mutable


Astrology has four sets of element signs:

and Fire


I am gonna list them below:

Air:Gemini,Libra and Aquarius
Water:Cancer,Scorpio,Ophiuchus and Capricorn
Earth:Taurus,Virgo and Capricorn
Fire:Aries,Leo and Sagittarius

Cardinal:Aries,Cancer,Libra and Capricorn
Fixed:Taurus,Leo,Scorpio and Aquarius
Mutable:Gemini,Virgo,Sagittarius,Ophiuchus and Pisces


Here is why they divide people up?
Each sign is of a different characteristic and element
and depending on if two elements can agree does determine a lot
and Astrology really is a tool used to conquer and divide.
Why it does not work is because they are not all humans,yet some animals.


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