Each Day is A Period in A Life

A Day is 86,400 Seconds in Duration
and whatever you do with it is up to you.

Free Will does not give us the right
to mess up absolute times,yet finite times.

Insanity is seeking the ways of the flesh
which only ruin the days of the life.

I have learned that the flesh wants intimacy,love,sex and tendencies,
yet to rise above that and leave that for marriage alone is a must.

If you hate your past,then work on your present
and if you hate your present,then stop doing what you are doing
and change the actions by changing the habits
and you change the habits by changing the paradigm.

Paradigm is how you view everything
and at times,that paradigm needs shifted,not drifted.

A mental drifter is worser than a traveling drifter
because they will let their mind sway in any way that it can sway
and if your mind is swayed enough
you may end up either getting hurt or hurting yourself or hurting another.

We are supposed to not abuse ourselves with society,
this means do things bad just because society does things bad.


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