Music is a Big Part of My Life

Without Music in My Life,I would be a miserable man;believe me,I would.

I love to sit in a room,all by myself and work on something new musically.

I play more than one instrument,yet I refuse to brag about it,
because what good would it do me and who would care either.

If you can play more than one instrument that is good,
yet keep what you can do to yourself unless others are interested
then discuss it with them and maybe have a jamboree,
yet it is up to you and them.

I strive to improve on everything that I do
even if others have no goal to improve.
What others do is up to them
and what I do is up to me.

Some people never play more than one instrument
while others like myself explore the instruments and play some or all of them.
Still,I want to change the subject
and move onto another subject.

Music is not just about instruments and what they do,
yet how you are affected by the music and how you connect with the music.
A great artist can affect others with music and you can connect with them
and that is the benefit that a great artist brings to the music.

I want to be like that and I am determined to get there someday
whether I get there in a year or a decade,I will be working towards it.
The Temptations are a example of talented singers who worked hard to make it
and eventually made it,

yet they let things get to them and some of them killed themselves

or we’re killed which is a tragedy because they were great.


A song is basically lyrics with a melody and that is it.
Still,music does not have to have any lyrics and just is instrumental.
I do enjoy instrumental music too,not just music with lyrics or words.
Music is as important for us as religion is.
Both mold us and shape us through the years
and are two important facets of life.
Remember this,without music,my life would not be the same
and yours probably would not be the same either.

If you put a guitar or a violin or whatever instrument into a child’s hand
and a book too,you will benefit that child,because knowledge and music
go hand in hand.
Knowledge is important for everyday life,
yet music is important for delivering us from everyday life.


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