The Mysteries of The Life

Life is filled with mysteries.
Some elude us and never are able to be grasped.
If I could grasp the mysteries,then life would be sane.
Wars would be pointless because there would be no reason to fight at all.

The mystery of the unseen.
According to the Bible,the things that cannot be seen last eternally
while the things that can be seen last temporally
which is true considering that what we see does not remain in one place long
unless it needs to be.

Can I grasp the unseeable?No
Can I know the mysteries?Not,unless their appearance is revealed,
then it is no longer a mystery,yet a epiphany.
To me one side of the coin is the mysteries
and the other side of the coin is the epiphanies.
Life was meant to be discovered and understood,yet not be our master.
Reality is a learning zone where things are meant to be learned.
We are not supposed to get too into reality or else we will not understand it.
It will become a part of us if that happens.

FreeDom and Free Will are facets of the Human Nature
and the World wants to pollute the souls of the humans often.
If you look at the dogmas and the medias of the world
then you see a constant attack on the souls of most everyone
and the sake of everyone’s sanity is at stake
and that should never be at stake for any reason ever.
When in the world,you are not free unless laws and rules go.
Some laws are necessary for the gullible and the reckless to obey,
yet the knowledgeable and the reckful do not need constant laws and rules.
Such is too much on a soul to even stand.
If one is decent in manner and decent in way then they do no wrong at all.

Can a sane person become a lune person?
Yes,if others drive them there,then again that is possibly done.
The world motivates lunacy which is a step backward from sanity
and yet a step forward from sanity must be great,
yet such a name is unknown to me and when it does then I can grow personally.
Freedom is just a nice word till it’s meaning and it’s purpose
can be applied to your life,otherwise it serves nobody.
Freedom is just a label unless you can apply it practically to your life.
If you had no laws and no taxes,well freedom would be yours and you’d know it.
Sadly in this day and this time such a thing defies our conscience
because of the environments and the governments that surround us daily.


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