Singing is a craft just like Writing,yet both require awareness and patience

When singing it is important to learn how to sing right
so you avoid pushing and straining your voice.

High Notes are achievable,yet depending whether your vocal range is
1 Octave,1.5 Octave,2 Octaves,2.5 Octaves,3 Octaves,3.5 Octaves or more
learning your vocal range and your vocal registers is a must
and that has been my personal research and personal study
before March of this year because I am sick of the breaks in my singing.

As a lifelong learner and researcher,
I never get tired of discovering new things,
yet I get tired of the obstacles and the struggles to flawless singing
no matter how high or how low that I want to sing,
yet I want sing right and sing well,yet not have nonstop boundaries.

I deserve to be free as a bird or as free as a horse.
Birds fly free and horses run free.
Both are God’s creatures that He made for those purposes.
Birds are air creatures while horses are land creatures,yet both are beautiful.
I do enjoy learning how to reach a octave in song and how to go up past it or below it.

Free Singing is Free Singing.
I still admire the singing of the band Asia.
They can hit the high notes and hang on those high notes.
Their singing fascinates me and I want to sing as good as they sing.
They are somebody who I admire these days.
They are actually the first band to do a live concert on MTV.
They are that important and their legacy will live on even after I post this.


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