Webcams do not help,yet to tease anybody into giving money for skin

I miss the good ole days when chatting was not sexual.
I miss how it was to be intimate but not encourage oversexuality.
What is the point of going on a webcam to chat with women who are loose,
women who want no strings attached intimacy and sex.
It is sad what the world has become.
No true people on webcams anymore,but a few.
The desire for the women being overly sexual did not start at birth,
yet it grows as a boy grows up to be a man.
Girls too deal with the same stuff as they grow up to be a woman
and being too into women who you do not care about or want around you is
a waste of time that this society does promote for sexual satisfaction
and what is the meaning and the purpose of it all?
More skin and More sex followed by More skin and More sex.
This all saddens me.


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