The Cost of Living is Still High

It costs money to get gas.
It takes a job or a career to earn money.
Money is taxed so that too complicates living life well also.
Taxes are created by the government,the human rights haters.
No matter how you look at it unless you live off of solar panels,
have your own well with rain water,
have the rights to your land,
have your own food grown out back
then basically you’re in the same rut if have and had that most people are in.
Nothing comes free and if it does,then the elite view it as of no value.
Whatever has value to the elite has a price tag on it.
The elite do not want us to live forever,yet by believing in Jesus
we can live forever and this is why the separation of church and state
may exist at all.
Free will is precious.
The government hates it so they tax anything that they can tax.
The Beatles song “Taxman” is all about whatever is done is taxed.


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