I am not better or worser than anybody,yet I want to be remembered

I am being fair.
I am not viewing myself as better or worser than anybody,
yet I simply want to be remembered
even if I have fame and fortune someday,
just being remembered is probably the best reward.
Medals and trophies just sit and collect dust,
yet being remembered is something that is not something
that can collect dust or rot at all.
If people remembered people,what better world we would live in.
The homeless and the unfortunate would not suffer so much.
I have tried to help them,yet I do not have a money tree.
I just get what money that I can get.
Money is not easy to get.
The poor suffer the most because they are the ones who really do without
and may be taken advantage of a lot.
If I was famous and had fortune and was remembered that would be great,
yet being remembered is better than the other two in my viewpoint.
If you are famous and have fortune,yet are not remembered
then you can get lonely and sad and that is not a good place to be in life.


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