I am my own man dealing with a complicated relationship,yet the R.W. ain’t of it

I have recently tried to reach the woman that I do love,yet to no avail,
yet the R.W. assumes stuff about me,yet I will not mention her name here
to avoid any problems.
I simply refer to her as the R.W. because of who she is,yet not her name.
She assumes a lie and believes a lie too.
Her dreams of us are falsehood and she fade to nonexistence.
The real reason for not using her name is because well,she will have no clue
who I am even referring to.
The woman that I do love stays busy everyday doing artistic stuff.
I too will not mention her name to avoid problems because she may not like it,
yet I miss her more than I miss this damn society that I communicate with.
I hate to lie about things
when I can discuss them without punishment or repercussions.
I hate the R.W.’s ways and she is not my ideal woman
and if she was a soul mate chosen for me I’d want a refund right now.
The R.W. is delusional because she assumes that I want her
and I do not have fucking clue how we met in the first place.
I apologize for posting fucking on here,yet this ticks me off.
Why is life such a damn joke anymore.
I know who I love,yet she refuses to get back to me,
yet the one who I do not love at all,I have no struggle getting back to me.
Ugh,I am infuriated at her existing in my life
and I wish that I never knew her and just knew the woman that I love.
It seems to me that fate done me in with this one.
Nice one fate,I hate how you decide every damn thing about my life.
It all is nice for the rest,yet not for me which is bull fucking shit.
This discussion is done.
Damn this shit to the blazing sun.

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