Visions to me defy reasoning because they pass the intellect and go straight to you

I have had visions of things that I cannot understand.
The visions are beyond my comprehension.
When it comes to visions,I deal with them wisely and really thought out.
I refuse to handle visions loosely because they would not be represented right
if I did that.
Visions are too precious and too necessary for existence.

I one time saw a cloud with the letter j exactly like the letter j
and that time has stayed in my conscience for some reason
that never seems to make sense to me.
Maybe God is trying to get my attention,yet it all happened as I drove home
one day back 7 years ago and the cloud was different
because it was shaped like the actual letter j
and the first letter of my name is j.

God is very awesome.

The time when I can make sense if it all is when I will understand
the things that for so long have been ungraspable by my own understanding.


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