Conventional Wisdom is destined to be questioned or the truth’s veiled

We all have a free will unless you live under a ruler who limits your freedom then you are hardly free at all.

I have studied ideologies,mythologies and theologies.

They each have educated me on the things that if asked today to someone who knew about them not would not be able to answer so I read and I watch things.

When the soul is truly free,meaning every part of the human being,then fear is pointless altogether.

If you live in fear it is like living with shackles on your arms and legs and stuck to a thing that keeps you stuck.

Religion does not show us the total picture,yet we can form somewhat of a big picture from it,yet not the big picture.

I do not delight in being mentally blinded or spiritually disturbed by things that go against my viewpoint

such as hurting innocent beings that hurt no one,yet people do it.

I hate using the word of a religion label for myself.

I used to say that “I am a Christian,” yet I never really liked using it because I am a American and I should have options.

Religion never seemed to answer my questions about itself and why it either allows,promotes,prohibits or sustains things.

Free will implies free will.

We have a free will and nothing forces us to do anything unless it controls our soul which is us and that is either good or bad

depending on the meaning and the purpose of it all.


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