Attaching meanings to Numbers that do not need to be

I am not a fan of attaching meanings to numbers except for counting and stuff.

In my viewpoint no number is good or bad.

It is our attachment of meaning to them that does us in in a hurry.

A free mind applies no meaning to numbers repeated like religion does.

A free mind is a sound mind.

Jesus came to set us free from burdens of any type even of the mind and even the heart also.

Numbers are not meant for control or manipulation,yet for finding answers to things.

It takes math to solve how things are built and constructed and there is no crime in that at all.

A free mind does not obsess about numbers unless it’s polluted by things.


Let me ask you a few questions:

Does a child know anything?No

Does a child fret about numbers and their control over reality?No,we learn to think those things of the ego

and every adult has a ego even if we do nothing and having a ego is not bad,unless we let it dictate us totally


We can learn something from a new born child and that is this:their mind is free and their cares are none

and this too and that is whenever a child wants to do anything,they go and do it even if they fail.

A child that ceases to try to do better the next time would never experience life much at all,

yet thank goodness that most if not all do.


This post is dedicated to liberating the mind from religious pollution by any means.


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