Modes and Scales

I learned about Scales in College,yet Modes I learned on my own,by buying music books and studying daily for months at a time.


The Modes are C,D,E,F,G,A and B just like with the Scales
except unlike Scales,when playing Modes you only press the White Keys,
yet with Scales you press both the White Keys and the Black Keys.

C Ionian
D Dorian
E Phyrgian
F Lydian
G Mixolydian
A Aeolian
B Lorain


Modes can be simplified by viewing Modes as like a Rubick’s Cube

that whenever you shift a block,you get another design.


Scales on the Other Hand are more complicated except for the C Scale

because it has no b’s or #’s at,yet the A Scale,B Scale,D Scale,E Scale,F Scale and G Scale have b’s and #’s.

The fact is you can refer to the C Mode as the C Scale

because they are one and the same

which would cause confusion and confusion is not my goal.

Understanding is what I am after in this blog post on my Blog Website.



Here are the Scales:


A Scale:



B Scale:



C Mode/Scale:



D Scale:



E Scale:



F Scale:



G Mode/G Scale:




The fact is that you play part of the C Scale in the G Scale and you play part of the G Scale in the C Scale

and both of those scale could be rearranged to make either of the two Scales to your choosing.

Each Mode is rearranged each time the next Mode.


Here is a Example of how Each Mode that follows Each Mode is a rearranged version of the previous mode and vice versa:


Now look at the D Mode:


Do you see how the first note moves to the end and the second note moves to the beginning.

Modes are like each other because they rearrange to make each Mode,no matter what Mode you are playing.

Anybody can learn either of them,yet the Scales takes longer to learn,at least for me.

I learned the Modes in one evening,yet the Scales took me a good 2-4 Months

and this is a fact because they are not just White Notes.




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