Hell is a Mistranslation and Easter is not Jesus resurrection day

When I was growing up family would talk about hell a lot even though they did not regularly attend a ministry.

I did attend a ministry for about a year then I grew disillusioned to it because it felt false to me.

I am not implying God is false.

I do not ever imply that.

It is just that as I read the Bible itself about what the Church is I stopped attending ministries

because they believe a lie and that is the Church is the building.

This belief keeps good people bound weekly to a building and they fail to realize the Church is the people.

Whether they fail out of choice or ignorance,only God,heaven and them know.


Back about discussing hell.

Hell is a mistranslation.

Some Bibles have hell in it while others are translated correctly

with Sheol which means grave and Gehenna which is the Valley of Hinnom in Jerusalem.


Who compiled the Bible to be made into the Bible,you ask or should ask?Constantine

Who chose the books that are and are not in the Bible originally?Constantine


Constantine was a pagan Sun worshiper his whole life.

His conversion to Christianity was when he died and we have no clue if his conversion was real or made up either.

We only have books that imply he did and opinions that are said that he did.

It is hard to know approximately if he did or did not convert to Christianity.

He is why Christians believe in the false doctrine of Sunday sabbath which is not the sabbath at all,yet a deception.

Saturday is the Sabbath,yet Christians have been deceived.

I was raised on Saturday sabbath belief and that belief comes from the Bible itself.

What day did God rest from His work?

The seventh day

What day is the seventh day of the week?

Saturday,so there should be no confusion?Right?Wrong.

People have taken Bible verses and overturned them for the traditions of men.


Jesus was in the heart of the earth for three days and three nights after he was crucified,

yet he was crucified on Wednesday not Thursday.

His days in the heart of the Earth

were part of Wednesday,part of Thursday,part of Friday and part of Saturday.

Jesus rose on Saturday.

People assume because Mary came to find Jesus during the early hours of the first day which is Sunday

implies that Jesus resurrected then.

This is further from the truth.

Jesus resurrected on Saturday.

Mary chose to look at the beginning of the first day,yet the Bible never says Sunday,does it?

No,it says at the early hours of the first day.

In the Middle East days are from sunset to sunset,not midnight to midnight.

So the first day would have started on Saturday evening.

So many are deceived and they need to relearn the Bible from a Middle Eastern perspective

because so many are unaware of the truth in the Bible because the liars in the world has blindfolded them to it.


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