The Dreamer and The Industry

I did try as a dreamer to break into the industry and I had little success.

Producers want to mold you into their image.

I am a rebel and my image is my work,not their work.

Michael Murphey once did a song for his 1973 album of the same name

titled “Nobody’s Gonna Tell Me How To Play My Music” and I can relate to it.


The industry wants to control the artist and that is pitiful.

Garth Brooks once had legal battles with record labels over creative direction.

Those are some of the reasons why I still refuse to send demos into a record label.

I know that it takes talent and time to succeed,yet my songs are my songs are not gonna be changed at all.

One time somebody in the industry back in 1981 wanted to turn Bryan Adams song into a disco track

and he refused to let them because it is his song.

He co-writes most everything that he performs and releases.


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