Ones dreams are more important than having many friends

Friends come and go.

There is no changing that.

If you have many friends they can avoid you because they think they are more important than you

when they are not more important than you.

You can not have everything your way because eventually something falls apart or let’s you down.

I have learned this while being me,doing what I enjoy,going to where I want to go and having what I want to have.

Everybody thinks they are right and at times they think others are all wrong.

I am not always right,yet when I am right I usually am certain to the point that I will not second guess myself,

yet at times I second guess myself way too much.

You can know what you are doing and others want nothing to do with you and that is just how the cards fall.

I have grown so disillusioned with chat rooms and social networks that I rarely visit them anymore

and if I do it is usually to help a cause,yet does that even do any good with how they are.

I am referring to social networks by the way.

If you are a child or were a child,you know what it is like to have a dream or dreams.

When we are children and we have a dream or dreams we usually go pursue them.

I had very little drive to get through elementary school at one point in my life

because I loved sports and I loved music so I quit public school and went to a Christian Academy,

yet the Christian Academy was even more into education and not at all into music or sports so I was disappointed.

If I ever had a school education would be important,yet children and teens would be safe,yet have fun also.

Children are pushed too much in my opinion.

They should be able to pursue music and sports without reprecussions because they are children

and this goes for all else too.

It is important to grow wise before you grow old,

yet sometimes the world pushes anybody to the edge of a breakdown too often.

I have been depressed,down,lonely and oppressed,

yet I am growing wiser and being those things less nowadays.


In this life people are not gonna always believe in you or support,

yet if you can find some people that believe in you and support you

then you should appreciate and cherish their attention,communication

and time because they can be gone as quickly as they came to you.


Dreams are like trees because if you nurture them,they’ll grow and if you starve them,they’ll shrink.

Dreams are more important than jobs really even though jobs earn us a living,

yet at our core we want to achieve our dreams more than we want to work our jobs.

Who would want to if they could if they were a musician become famous

and leave their day job,afternoon job,night job or any other job that they have at all.


We need something to look forward to each day or we are bored,crazy,lonely or what else,fill in the blank.

Life is not meant to be a burden and if you know how to deal with it,you can enjoy it more and more.

Lately,this world has directed the wheel of most of our lives through the things of this world.

I am not referring to the things of our dreams,yet the virtual false world things.

There is no wrong in going on the internet to communicate things with people or purchase things from people,

yet this virtual false world will never be close to as good as being in the actual true world.

The world that God made,yet we should not get too into it,yet enjoy it in a righteous and a sane way.


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