The Illusion of Socializing being about Constantly Communicating

Social Networks exists to me to deride anybody from a real conversation.

Most of what a Social Network is is a tool for gaining attention of business.

Conversation is secondary or even not important at all.

Most people consider them as a place to put on a show or show off.

I do miss the good ole days when conversations were treasured and friends were true,yet now most friends are false.


What happened to the conversation?

What happened to the friendship?


Twitter is bad,yet at least you know who is truly wanting to communicate with you.

They follow you so you know that they are for you not against you.

Facebook however has a I can avoid you and you never see it policy.

Goodness you can even hide the posts that offend you or avoid your friends altogether.

Facebook is evil in a lot of ways.


In my opinion Facebook is anti communication and anti friendship

and whatever they support,it is not honest at all.


If we look at the word friend it means “to love freely”

and who really loves anybody freely.

Today’s humanity has little knowledge about what a friend really is.

Somebody who cares about you is a friend.

Some people may have a true friend,yet for most people true friends are rare or not there at all.


Still to me Social Networks are toxic and just a way to gain attention,not communication.

I have grown to hate them because they are not about the individual at all,yet about what attention you can get from anybody.

Mysoace was bad,yet still you knew who was for you or against you by the fact they were on your friends list.

I do miss having true friends who supported me and were for what I did.

Maybe someday a true friend will enter my life and care about how I am doing and support what I am doing too.

Till that day comes I will be waiting for it to happen.

Life otherwise really bums me and I want it to change right now.


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